Influencers in 2018 are one of the most cost effective ways to get your message out to the masses.  We connect your brand to local, national, or industry specific influencers to spread your message.

What We Do

We connect your brand with powerful influencers that get your brand in front of people at an extremely low cost.  The key to influencer marketing is understanding what types of influencers are the right fit for your brand and ensuring they are creating the proper content for the platform they will be sharing it on.

We act as the liaison between your brand and influencers to ensure you receive the best possible price.  We then ensure that the influencer program we deploy is properly tracked and you understand the effectiveness of the program.

The most effective influencer campaigns are those that plug into an existing top level campaign. While influencer marketing programs alone are extremely effective, we understand how to properly integrate them into your overall strategy.