Personal Branding


We have developed the perfect formula for growing a personal brand online in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the client.  We know how to build your personal brand while letting you stay focused on growing your company.

What We Do

We specialize in developing customized strategies to grow your personal brand while holding true to our core thesis. This looks like our team taking an in-depth look at what makes you unique and capitalizing on that to develop a brand that is truly you.

We support you in creating a core foundation of simple to produce video content. Our team then breaks this content apart and creates micro-content that best fits the platform we are deploying it on.  This content can include audio/voice, blog posts, Instagram videos, Facebook videos, Facebook and Instagram Story pieces, and more.

Our ad buy team then sets out and purchases ads towards your best performing content.  We ad buy to grow the depth of connection with your existing followers as well as growing the width of your overall followers.

What It Takes From You

What makes our program unique is that we are going to take a very hands-on approach to your account.  This means we have figured out how to maximize the amount of content we generate for your brand with the lowest time commitment from you.

We will work together with you monthly to create your core content. If the client would like a more aggressive content push we can create more core pieces of content.