Creative Production


Our creative team produces any form of content that will fit your business needs, expertly matching it with the platform it will be deployed on. Our goal is to produce content that is memorable, unique, and exciting – not just flashy.

What We Do

Our team is proficient in creating video, photography, graphics, copy, voice/audio, UX, and more. We consider the format of the media platform it will be deployed on and help you to curate the content associated with your brand. It is no longer practical to simply produce a 30 second commercial for all networks – we understand the nuances of the digital world, and will work to push your business to the front page.

SkySprout acknowledges that Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram all require different creative styles. We constantly study the specific user behaviors of each platform and use this to make our content the most effective.

The Essentials:

  • Video: Our team will work with you to produce engaging video campaigns, B-roll footage to supplement your website, and more. We analyze your company’s unique identity and develop video content that sparks a reaction in your audience.
  • Graphics: We can guarantee logos, typography, ad designs, signage – whatever your company needs, we’ll ensure it fortifies the presence of your brand.
  • Copy: We offer copywriting for any platform. Work with us to create social media posts that capture an audience, blog posts for your website, descriptions of your events and products, and more. We have perfected the craft of vividly matching your business’ persona through text, and will study your style to give you the most compelling copy out there.
  • Photography: Work with our team to capture professional headshots that still reveal the personality of your company, macro-shots for your website, event photography, and more – let us know your company needs, and we’ll work to produce images that are eye-catching, aesthetically curated, and effective in capturing interest in your brand.