1. Share your personal connection to the cause

Be sure your supporters know what makes your nonprofit special! Sharing what the cause means to you as an individual inspires a sense of motivation from others – a sense that they should be in on the action themselves. Create change, growth, and success by writing a blog post or creating a video testimonial dedicated to your passion for the cause!

2. Build relationships with your volunteers

Volunteers keep your organization on track while allowing you to focus on the next project or event. Ensuring that your volunteers are engaged, excited, and reliable will in turn promote the success of your organization! Using social media to create communities within your volunteers, creating incentives such as team parties or leadership opportunities, and communicating positively and effectively overall will boost your volunteer retention significantly.

3. Utilize compelling, memorable content

Capture a larger audience with photos, promotional videos, and more that highlight the unique energy of your cause! Make sure your organization’s website is up to date and aesthetically appealing – a color palette that is true to you, fun photos of your team, or whatever you feel best represents your work!

4. Show how donations make a difference

Donors will be more motivated to invest in your organization if their efforts are recognized and celebrated by you! Make sure your donors feel involved with your organization and be specific about the impact their contributions make. Even sending a hand-written note can make your supporters feel more connected to your brand!

5. Tell your story!

A section of your website dedicated to the story of your organization is sure to draw in your audience, informing them about the cause while exciting them about opportunities to help out! Communicating your message is a vital part of your organization’s growth – one that many tend to overlook. Don’t miss the chance to share what it’s all about!

6. Use email lists to start the conversation

Stay in contact with your supporters! Email lists are a great way to spread any news about your organization, invite supporters to events, set up monthly donations, and more. Grow your list with sign-ups on your website, invites through social media, blogging, or any platform that allows you to get the word of your email blasts out there. At your next event, leave a sign-up sheet for guests to provide their information!

7. Create timelines and goals throughout your campaigns

Every great campaign strategy needs a rock-solid foundation. From beginning to end, setting small goals will quickly add up to success. Create a timeline of your goals for each campaign to be sure you’re always on track – keep a calendar in your phone, a planning notebook on your desk, or download an organization app to keep all your milestones in one place!

(photo from iso.500px.com)