Have you ever been to a conference or event expecting to soak up some knowledge you thought would be exclusive, curated, and immensely valuable to your own career? You bought the suit, you packed the bag, you crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s to make sure your education was uninterrupted and fully immersive. You were ready to learn, ready to be the sponge in the audience holding onto every detail…
And the person on stage whips out whatever product they’ve brought to push.
They’re suddenly listing off benefits, prices, discounts, telling you that you need this – and you need it from them, right now.

You’re left wondering, where’s the info I bought a ticket for? Did I sign up for this?

Don’t worry. We know the feeling.

While we were planning SkySprout Summit, we worked tirelessly to ensure that every moment reaches its full potential. We want you to leave with a suitcase – and mind- full of knowledge that you can actually use. We want you to get the most value for your dollar, because we are endlessly grateful that you chose to spend those 2 days in our audience. We want this to be about YOU…not the services, products, or discount rates you’re constantly bombarded with outside of this event.
Our speakers and panelists have vowed not to sell from the stage at this conference. Every expert we’re hosting will be there to answer your questions, share their secrets and success stories, and ensure you get the most out of these 2 days. 
However, we do believe in the right place at the right time. There are plenty of benefits to selling from the conference stage – if that’s what you’re there for. We believe that salesmanship should be contextualized appropriately. If you aren’t there to buy, we shouldn’t arrive ready to sell.
So we’re making the promise to you – these 2 days are meant for you to get what you need to succeed. You can arrive with the confidence that you will not be sold to, and leave with the info you’ve been searching for – without dodging the sales pitches.